Kestrel 0850L0720Ppag, 5000Ag Environmental Monitor

Kestrel 0850L0720Ppag, 5000Ag Environmental Monitor

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Kestrel, 0850L0720PPAG, 5000AG Livestock Pro Environmental Monitoring Pack Includes: One (1) 5000AG Livestock Environmental Meter with LiNK Two (2) DROP D2AG Livestock Heat Stress Monitors Livestock health is a priority for everyone involved in livestock production

All livestock professionals can benefit from knowledge of accurate micro-climate data at their site AG engineers use the 5000AG Livestock Environmental Meter to complete ventilation assessments Livestock professionals rely on the DROPs for tracking ongoing conditions over extended periods of time in multiple locations Veterinarians trust the Kestrel 5000AG for site inspections and use the historical data from DROPs left in locations to prepare reports supporting their recommendations Livestock consultants, advisers and researchers set up DROPs in areas of interest while performing evaluations and creating data-backed recommendations The Kestrel 5000AG is designed to meet the needs of livestock, agriculture

Clip the Kestrel 5000AG into the custom Kestrel 5 Series Rotating Vane Mount and you have a sturdy weather station that can be left in place for days or weeks

Designed by Kestrel with input from some of the world's most respected experts in livestock heat stress, the Kestrel DROP D2AG Livestock Heat Stress Monitor is designed to help you MEASURE and MANAGE your animals' heat stress, ensuring you MAXIMIZE your bottom line.

Producers, growers, veterinarians, and consultants in every field of agriculture will gain vital information regarding micro-climate conditions needed to maximize performance and profitability

Simply hang in place wherever insight into conditions is needed, and access current conditions and historical readings with your iOS or Android device

The Kestrel Drop D2AG Livestock Heat Stress Monitor is a very affordable rugged heat stress monitor that can be used in the barn, during transport, or anywhere livestock are housed

This lightweight, handheld, multi-function meter can be used inside and out for spot measurement of current conditions and also tracks and logs over 10, 000 sets of time-stamped data